Improve the efficiencyof your business

Revolutionise the way you get and use your customers’ management accounts

Sharing has never been easier

Your customers will be expecting to share their accounting data with you, so why not make it as easy as possible for them, and super quick for you?

As long as your customer is using one of the following accounting platforms (and over 95% of SMEs do), they can share their data with you immediately:

The process is straightforward

All you need to do is send your customer an email to give them a link (or you could choose to add it as a button on your website), and in a few clicks they can share their data with you.

After a brief setup period while we add your customer to our systems, we work our magic, collecting and standardising all the customer’s accounting data before preparing full and accurate summaries and all transaction details for you. Having the Ledgerflow API integrated with your own business systems means you can automatically get and use client accounting data any way your business requires.

The first time Ledgerflow accesses your customer’s data it will upload all their historical accounting transactions, so it might take up to an hour. But any future data refresh will only take seconds.

You may wish to auto-refresh your customer’s accounting data monthly or daily, in which case their consent will remain active until terminated by you or your customer. If you are simply looking for a one-off data fetch of your customer’s accounts, you will be able to refresh that data if necessary, but their consent will expire after 14 days.

Integrate the Ledgerflow API, then ask your customers to share their data. It’s as simple as that.

Ledgerflow has opened up Accounting

The Ledgerflow API makes Open Accounting accessible to all kinds of business

What you will need

You will need a developer who is able to integrate an API within your own systems, and build the specific analyses required by your business.

You will also need a valid API access account* for any accounting platform you wish to access and query.

Your system can then simply query the Ledgerflow API , which will return the requested data for your system to analyse.

*All data is subject to the accounting platforms’ API terms and conditions for your access to information belonging to the data owner.

Get Started

For further details and to discuss your own needs, email info@ledgerflow.net