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The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to get and use your small business clients’ shared accounting data

It all adds up. For you and your customers

We can give you IMMEDIATE access to your SME customers’ accounting information.

The Ledgerflow API allows you to obtain up-to-date detailed accounting data for your customers, allowing you to better understand their financial health and enabling you to provide them with more tailored products or services.

Integrate the Ledgerflow API with your own business systems and you can dramatically speed up your business processes and improve the efficiency of your business.

Affordable, pay as you go pricing

The Ledgerflow API provides the most cost-effective way to access your customers’ accounting data. Quickly and in full.

No contracts to sign

No ongoing commitment

No setup fees

No minimum monthly charges 

No cancellation fees

Access all of the leading cloud and desktop accounting platforms

We can provide you with quick access to the accounting data of over 95% of SME customers that use online platforms.

Ledgerflow harnesses the power of Open Accounting to give you a host of benefits

Stay in control of data collection
Make it as easy as possible for your customers to share their accounting data with you

Generate financial reports more quickly
Receive the data directly, without having to rely on your customers or their busy accountants

Speed up your business and sales process
Access through the Ledgerflow API is fast, enabling you to make rapid business decisions

Pay-as-you-go pricing
The fairest way to pay, from one-off snapshots of a customer’s finances to regular monitoring of their figures – with no contracts to sign, no ongoing commitment, no setup fees, no minimum monthly charges and no cancellation fees

Get precisely the information you need
Receive the same level of detail in every dataset every time, for every customer

Software agnostic
You don’t need to understand how different accounting platforms handle accounting data – it’s all normalised by Ledgerflow to give you comprehensive data feeds that your own systems can interpret and analyse in the manner your business needs

Make the data work for you
Tailor your own summary reports, create bespoke analyses, create the information sets that people in your business need in order to work smarter – not harder

Make life easier in the future
If you need to monitor your clients over time, choose a daily or monthly refresh so you don’t need to ask your client repeatedly for updated accounts

Integrate instantlywith all popular accounting platforms, using our API

Using Ledgerflow’s single gateway API, your developers can integrate your own systems with all popular accounting platforms – including both desktop and cloud services.

And, if your business already integrates with Xero, you can re-purpose existing code to integrate instantly with additional accounting platforms – without the expensive capital cost and risk of development.

Data you can rely on

Ledgerflow provides up-to-date, accurate information direct from the source. Whichever popular accounting system is being used by a customer, data is read and presented in a standardised format, preserving its full meaning and accounting integrity.

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